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Team Building Resources

Here are the statistics on teams:

1.      A high performance team will typically  increase productivity by 30% within 12-18 months.

2.      Currently, 80% of companies with more than 100 employees use some types of teams.

3.      90% of all US employees work part of their day in a team.

4.      Teams will provide a 34% higher return on assets.

5.      Teams will provide a 26% higher return on investment.

6.      A team-based organization will use 34% fewer labor hours to accomplish the same work.

7.      A team-based organization will experience less turnover and more employee engagement.

Teaming is the essential ingredient in making great organizations, but how do you get there?  What are the challenges and pitfalls?  Our experts and resources have a 30-year proven track record to build, enhance, and repair small and large workplace teams.


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